Arnavon Adventures – Awareness Part 1

After an extremely busy past couple of months I have finally had time to post about my adventures travelling through the Solomons with my workmates from the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, conducting awareness about the protected areas work we have been doing. I have split this into two posts, one for Isabel-Arnavons-Wagina-Choiseul and one for Western Province. Picture-heavy content coming up…

In September and October, I – along with various colleagues – travelled to the provinces of Isabel, Choiseul (including the Arnavon Islands and Wagina) and Western Province. Our primary purpose was to talk with local communities, non-government organisations (and partners) and provincial governments about how they can protect and sustainably manage their land, sea and resources, as well as to hear from them about some of the issues they are facing.

Many small boat trips, several plane rides and multiple compressed vertebrae later, here is the story in pictures. Enjoy!

If you want to experience the excitement of baby green turtles hatching, this is your lucky day – because I videoed it 😉

To learn more about the Arnavon Islands, check out the Arnavon Islands website and TNC’s website. There are links on the latter if you’d like to make a donation to support TNC’s conservation work.

Part 2 on Western Province coming soon…




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