Into Indonesia and IDC

It’s been a while, but I haven’t forgotten about my blog, I have just been super busy and/or slack πŸ™‚ Since I last posted, I have become PADI dive instructor and have spent most of this year in Indonesia diving in Bali, Komodo and Raja Ampat. This post is about that journey…

I have been diving since 1992 – yes you read that right, that’s 23 years – and kept the flame alive with annual diving trips to exotic locations all over the world, including Australia (naturally), Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Cook Islands, Belize, Red Sea, Maldives and Indonesia. But it wasn’t until I first dived Komodo (off the western coast of Flores, eastern Indonesia) that I was inspired to turn the passion into a profession.

My first trip to Komodo was in April-May 2013 and by August that year I was back to take my Divemaster (the first rung of the professional diving ladder). In February 2014 I moved to Honiara to work as a volunteer, but after 10 months there I was back to Indonesia to dive some more and to take my PADI instructor development course (IDC). Man that was hard work; here are some photos of the IDC, instructor exam and Master SCUBA Diver Trainer course that followed (photos courtesy Crystal Divers and Felicia Lindgren).

So that’s my dive instructor journey in a nutshell… I will put up a post of my Raja Ampat and Komodo adventures very soon.

Thanks for reading!